Istrian sausages in greens and Teran wine


Fresh istrian sausages, green vegetables, olive oil, teran wine, salt


Take fresh Istrian sausages and fry them on the pan with just a few drops of olive oil and then added to leaves of green vegetables previously cooked in salted water. The best way to serve it is with base made of Teran wine.


Teran is first reduced in the same pan where we fried the sausages.

Vodnjan lasagna with Istrian sausages sauce


1kg of flour, 8 eggs, olive oil, Istrian sausages, aromatic herbs, salt, pepper, teaspoon of milk


Use flour and eggs to make a perfect lasagna pastry, then cut it in wider stripes and cook them in salted water. Take cured and sliced Istrian sausages and fry them on the pan with just a few drops of olive oil. Add aromatic herbs, and if needed, salt, pepper and a teaspoon of milk.


Cooked lasagna pastry is added in the sauce, mixed and ready to be served.

Grandmother’s lasagna with spring herbs


Pastry (eggs, flour, salt), sauce, sage, rosemary, laurel, duck breast, butter, curd cheese (skuta), salt, pepper, olive oil, slices of hard cheese


Make lasagna pastry using eggs, salt and flour and cut it by hand into larger stripes. Cook the pastry in boiling water.


Heat the pan with olive oil and add aromatic herbs and, after a few minutes, cooked lasagna pastry. Slices of curd cheese are placed on the plate and lasagna is then served on top.


Decorate it with fresh aromatic herbs and slices of hard cheese.

Pork tenderloin with fresh aromatic herbs and polenta


Pork tenderloin, polenta cooked with olives, wild spring herbs, olive oil, olives, pepper, salt


Cook the polenta in salted water and add some of the olives previously cut into smaller pieces. Use a different pot to cook wild spring herbs, also using salted water.


Fry pork tenderloin in a pan, with just a few drops of olive oil. After the meat is fried from both sides, add polenta into the pan and decorate it with herbs and black olives.



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